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Sunway-Prototype Mold

Sunway can provide our customers with simple, inexpensive prototype mold with manually operated sliders and made from low cost domestic, non-hardened steel at a very competitive price. The only difference in a prototype mold and a production tool is the low cost steel for the mold and the simplified mechanics. The customer gets a precision cavity mold with dimensionally accurate prototype parts (up to 10,000 pieces depending on the mold material) at a very competitive price.

When the prototype moves through field testing, the stored information allows for quick, accurate, inexpensive changes to the product, mold or injection molding process to perfect the finished good before large scale production.

Making a mold for prototypes has several advantages over Rapid Prototyping a single part and we can respond quickly to requests for quotation after receipt of your CAD (ProE or IGES format) files via email or FTP transfer.


  • The mold can produce up to 10,000 pieces for large scale field testing
  • Tooling time is much shorter than for a production tool. Time to first shot can be less than one-fifth that of production tooling.
  • Tooling cost is much less than for a production tool. Cost can be below twenty to thirty percent of production tooling cost.
  • Tool life is less than for production tools.
  • Tolerances are wider than for conventional tools.
Benefits of part from prototype mold
  • the parts coming out of the mold are made from the same material and the actual production model will be made from, which is not always the case with Rapid Prototypes
  • Allows for full fit and function testing.
  • Discover any design flaws early on. Low cost tooling allows for ease of geometry modification and design refinement.
  • As a Bridge to Production: Molds can run thousands of parts.
  • By actually having a mold built, the customer gains a wealth of information on mold design and the injection molding processing, which can be invaluable when taking manufacturability into account in product design.

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