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Injection molding is our main business, Sunway Specialties' in Two Shot Injection Molding and High Performance Thermoplastic Injection Molding. We provide low cost at moderate to large quantities. Our plastic injection molding can form most plastics including Standard plastic and High performance thermoplastic, such as: PP / ABS / PC /PA & PA+Glass fiber/ PBT / POM.

Injection molding is an extremely versatile process for producing a wide range of simple or complex plastic parts with a good finish, Almost any 2d or 3d shape can be achieved. However draft is required in most cases as the shape must allow ejection out from the mold, side holes and even threaded holes are possible though complicate the tooling.

Sunway not only offer you the quality injection parts, but also provide the whole solution in plastic injection engineering.

Two Shot Injection Molding

Sunway will not only make the Two shot molds, but will also do two color double injection production.

The advantage:

  • Lower Cost: use two kind of material or shot to mold. This can reduce secondary processing.
  • Reduce part count: Simplify part design by combining two kinds of material can reduce the assembly process.
  • Bette looking and better feeling parts.


  • Compatibility between two kinds of Plastic resins: the compatibility of 2 kind of resin will immediately impact the bonding strength and bonding effect.
  • The shrinkage rate must be the similar between 2 kind of resin, this will affect the bonding as well.
  • The contour of the part might not be suitable for secondary molding.

Cost reduction:

  • Optimize the mold design and the mold size
  • Minimizing size of the part and material volume
  • Minimizing side holes and recesses
  • Minimize slider features and threaded holes.

Injection Molding Design Considerations

  • Part design with round corners & radius, Design for radius to be 1/2 to 3/4 of the nominal wall thickness.
  • Draft angel in wall for easy ejection out,
  • Uniform wall thickness and Core out excess wall thickness can avoid the shrinkage mark.
  • Ribs should be 1/2 to 2/3 of the nominal wall thickness and less than 3 times thickness in height, Excess rib height combined with taper will produce thin sections requiring extra fill time at the mold.
  • Specifying the gating location must consider to eliminate the flow mark and air venting.
  • Review existing injection molding components for additional ideas and techniques.

High performance thermoplastic

Molding high performance thermoplastic is significantly more difficult than molding standard plastics. It does require extensive upfront engineering. Extremely high melt temperatures (370+ degrees C) and unique flow characteristics necessitate specialized equipment for resin preparation and molding. Sunway injection molding capability is based on the knowledge and experience of its outstanding Applications Engineers, and on the firm's 8 years history of manufacturing industrial products in China.


Injection molding

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