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Sunway-Production Mold

The production mold must bear extremely high melt temperatures and unique flow characteristics of thermoplastics making mold design critical to quality production. The mold design team must have experience in a broad range of plastic material characteristics and design a mold that matches the high performance of each material¨s molding condition. It takes a collaborative effort to build a production mold.

Cooling channels:

Proper design of the cooling channels inside the mold is absolutely essential for a production mold. The channels must be sufficiently sized and correctly located to accurately control the mold's temperature during molding. Proper cooling design is a must for making the full scale production.

Gating and venting:

Gating and venting are similarly critical to production molds. Different high performance plastics have different melt points and flow characteristics, these have to be accounted for in gating, venting, core pulls and other aspects of the mold¨s construction and operation.

The Tolerances of the production mold must be tight and the clamp tonnage of the injection molding machines must be appropriate fit to the part size, which can withstand the higher pressure without flashing, mismatch, and other defects.

The steel, design, workmanship and tight tolerances of Sunway molds are critical to production molding. Made from the best quality steel, such as AISI H13, 2344, specially formulated for high temperature. Using a Hot Runner System we can raise production efficiency and reduce the waste of the material. Using High Speed CNC, EDM and Machining Centers combined with precision measuring and quality control instruments we insure Quality Control of the mold and Precise Tolerances.




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