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Quotes for Molds, Plastic Parts or Assembly:

1: In most cases, 3D CAD data (provided by you or generated by us) is required in order for us to prepare an accurate tooling quote.

If you do not yet have 3D CAD data, Sunway Mold is able to create this for you. Our design department specializes in optimizing plastic parts for low cost injection molding in China. Send us what you have: sketches, 2D files or sample parts, and we will give you a rough initial estimate. If the estimate is acceptable we will design a 3-dimensional file and optimize the part design.

2: Acceptable Part File Format:

  • AutoCAD: Great for 2D or simple part Design
  • ProE
  • SolidWorks
  • IGS
  • Step
In order to prepare a binding quote on a tool, Please help us by answer the following questions:

1: Export or Local
Will the tool be used in China or your Home Country?

If in China we can use China Domestic components and pass this large cost savings back to you.

If you will export then we need to know country and what Injection Molding Machine it will be used on. All mold components will be domestic for your market so mold repair is quick and easy.

The general export tooling process is as follows:

    1. We design the mold according to your verified, approved specifications
    2. The tool is built
    3. We manufacture sample parts on our injection machines, and also make you a video so that you can see the tool in action
    4. Upon approval of sample parts, tooling balance is due
    5. Tool (and optional first lot of plastic parts) is shipped (normally via sea freight)

2. Lot Size
How many plastic parts will be ordered in each lot? Most injection molders prefer runs of at least 5,000 pieces, but short runs are also available.

3. Required tool life
How many parts do you need the tool to be able to make in the coming years? A standard P20 steel China tool can offer around 200,000 cycles, but with harder grade/hardened steel, the tool can often do a million or more.

4. How many Cavities in the Mold
If you wish to produce a lot of parts per month, we can provide a tool with 2, 4, or 16 cavities. For example, for a tool with 2 cavities, each time the plastic injection machine runs a cycle of injecting, cooling, opening, and pushing out parts, 2 plastic parts would be made instead of one. Multiple cavities multiply speed and they also reduce costs because less machine time is used per part and less plastic is wasted. A 2-cavity tool costs roughly 1.6 times as much as a 1-cavity tool.

5. What type of plastic will the part be
It is important for us to know beforehand which kind of plastic will be used to make your parts, as different kinds of plastic have different shrink rates.

6. Your Company Contact Information
We will need your company address, telephone number, and email address. Does your company have a website? Who do you wish us to communicate with for various types of information requests?








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