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 1. Project Start:

  • a. We Discuss what is Critical to you
  • b. We define what metrics define success for you
  • c. We assign a Project Manager to your Project
  • d. A timeline is developed to meet your Project needs with tollgates and reporting specifications established and agreed to.

2. Part Design:

  • The tooling process begins with a thoroughly check part design review. Sunway Mold will offer suggestions for Design Improvements and Design Optimization.

3. Part Prototyping if Necessary:

  • We can product Rapid Prototype parts using many methods to allow you to validate your design. Let¡¯s Discuss!

4. Tool Design:

  • Our Tooling Design Professionals prepare the 3D design and specifications for your approval and release.

5. Tooling Building:

  • Using State of the Art Production Equipment you tool is built, inspected and documented during each stage of manufacturing. This includes roughing, heat treating, EDM, Grinding and assembly.

6. Tool Testing and Validation:

  • a. The first shots go through the Injection molding validation and measurement verifications
  • b. Samples are sent to you for your internal verifications.

7. Mold is modified and optimized for mass product:

  • a. Critical and Process controls are verified.
  • b. Mold cycle times and molding conditions are verified and documented
  • c. Texture is added if required.

8. Mold is released to customer or to our internal Production department for Mass Production.


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