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Welcome To Sunway Plastic Mold Co.,Ltd.

Sunway Plastic Mold is an injection mold maker and plastic parts manufacturer in China. We offer our Western clients a significant cost reduction both on injection molds and production of custom plastic parts and assemblies.

Sunway Plastic Mold is owned and Managed by a Professional Team that have over 60 combined years of experiences producing World Class Plastic Parts, Assemblies and Tooling. We have partnered with some of the world's largest manufacturers to being their products to market on time and under budget while meeting their Technical challenges.

What are you looking for?

  • Finished Plastic Parts and Assemblies shipped to your domestic factories?

  • Export Molds to run domestically?

  • Tooling to be supplied to your Asian manufacturing?

Let us Review your Project and tell us how you will measure success.

What we will do:

  • Do an In-depth part and assembly evaluation. This can avoid future costing and tooling headaches.
  • Suggest changes to maximize production success.
  • Establish Process and Critical Control dimensions and how these will be measures.
  • Assign Bilingual project manager
  • Mold Flow, Expert Mold Design and Project timeline
  • Weekly Progress reports and support documentation.
  • Certification of all critical and process control dimensions for all aspects of your tooling.
  • Tooling Trial, Part release and finish assembly certified your release standards.

We understand the stories you have heard about projects gone wrong in China. We have 8 years of success working with Western companies and we understand the cultural, language and technical needs of our customers. If we don¡¯t understand we will ask. When the unexpected happens, we do not hide it and take pride in the transparent way we work with our customer's!

The Types of Molds and Parts we Specialize In:

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